Temporary Exhibitions

Runnymede's Melody Makers

extended run to end of the year!

The One and Only, Mr. Chesney Hawkes

Whether it be Keith Moon and his iconic milk float, Sir Elton John with his spectacular glasses, or Lonnie Donegan with his Skiffle washboard, the Borough of Runnymede has a rich history when it comes to some of the nation's music icons.

Discover more about the Borough's musical connections at our Summer 2020 exhibition, guest curated by Chertsey's very own Chesney Hawkes!

In The Beginning: the story of prehistoric Runnymede

25 July 2020 to 1 October 2021

Iron Age pot

Iron Age pot, found in the River Bourne, north of Bridge Lane, Lyne

Whilst the current Borough of Runnymede has only existed since the early 1970s, evidence of people living and working in the area dates back considerably further.

During the Stone Age, humans progressed from being nomadic hunter-gatherers to settled farmers. From the Bronze Age through to the Iron Age, new technological advances in tools and weapons brought changes to the landscape and the lives of those occupying it. Farmers became traders as structured societies were created and developed. This exhibition looks at the archaeological evidence left behind by these earliest prehistoric residents, from the Stone Age to the Romans.