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cap, nightcap

Image of cap, nightcap


Man's white linen Tudor night cap with a turned back brim faced with fine linen. Embroidered with green, yellow, red, cream and blue silks, silver metal thread and spangles and divided into segments from the crown with silver metal thread worked pillars outlined in green silk with coiling snakes and swords between each pillar. Smaller column design is embroidered in silver metal thread on the brim with looped arches of red and blue silk, and an all over floral motifs; c. 1600-1620. MT.0183

Object: cap, nightcap

Material: cap: linen cap: silk thread cap: metal thread

Technique: cap: hand stitched/woven cap: embroidered cap: gilt/embroidered

Dimensions: Length: 180 mm
Width: 184 mm

Production: England, 17th century, 1600 - 1620