Planning a School Visit

Chertsey Museum is pleased to welcome school groups of all ages. We offer a range of sessions and activities for KS1&2 and bespoke sessions for KS3 and upwards. We encourage teachers enquiring about a visit to complete an online booking enquiry form, available on each topic page, as it gives the opportunity to let us know about any special requirements you have. Where possible we are happy to adapt out sessions to meet your needs.

Once we have received your booking enquiry we aim to respond within four working days - please bear with us, we will get back to you as soon as we can!

If you are visiting with a pupil with special educational needs you might find our What to Expect guide helpful. 

Booking a Visit to the Museum

Confirmation for each booking will:-

  • be sent via email
  • include provisional timings for the visit*
  • include a summary of the activities for the visit*
  • include a basic risk assessment
*  timings and activities may need to be modified if the group arrives significantly later than expected


If you would like your pupils to use the museum shop please let us know in advance so this can be scheduled into the day. We suggest £3 to £5 as a suitable amount of spending money.

Teachers are encouraged to make a site visit to familiarise themselves with the museum prior to bringing their pupils. Please check our opening times or contact the museum to arrange an out-of-hours visit.

Booking a Visit to your School

Confirmation for each booking will:-

  • be sent via email
  • include timings for the visit
  • include a summary of the activities for the visit
  • include details of the space and any assistance we require


All our staff have a DBS check, if you need to see this please inform us in advance so we can make sure the staff member has it with them.

All our talks involve the use of original and replica artefacts and so our session leaders have a large number of boxes to transport. Where possible please make a parking space available for them so that they can unload safely.