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Chertsey Museum, the museum for Runnymede Borough, presents a smart phone app that brings the past and present together in the streets and lanes of the Surrey town. Chertsey is found on the banks of the river Thames, South West of London.

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A window on the past

A screenshot from the shopping part of the app

The app brings to life the Museum’s collection of historic photographs of the town's shops and streetscapes. Using GPS and an interactive map,it creates a window on the past from the exact position in which you are standing.Launched to coincide with a previous exhibition “Shops and Shopping,” the images cover the period from 1880 to 1980. Over time the Museum has added further photos to the mobile exhibition. 

Find out the history of the traditional, quirky or long-forgotten shops of Chertsey; zoom in to the fascinating photos; and follow a trail through this pretty market town.


A screenshot from the pubs section of the app

A photographic history of some of the pubs in the Borough of Runymede

Lost Buildings

A map of lost buildings in Chertsey

An exploration in photographs of the buildings that have disappeared from the streets of Chertsey.

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This app was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund's 'All Our Stories' grant stream.