School Membership Scheme

2021-2022 membership

loan boxes

Our loan boxes offer pupils the opportunity to handle historic objects

Chertsey Museum runs a School Membership Scheme which, for a small annual fee, offers use of our loan box and resource packs service (at no extra charge), REDUCED RATES for talks, object handling sessions and all-day activity sessions, and a termly newsletter.

Take a look at our new education catalogue here! 

Become a member

To join our membership scheme, first choose the size of your school. Annual fees are dependent on the number of pupils. When signing up online, by phone or email, an invoice for the cost will be sent to your school. 

To check if your school is already a member, phone us on 01932 565764 or email [email protected]

** Sign up now for membership lasting until summer 2022 **

Due to the disruption caused this year we have decided to extend the membership of schools signing up in the 2020-21 academic year to last until the end of the 2022 academic year. Sign up now and recieve this beenift of a whole extra term of memebrship for free!

Please have a careful read of out main education page to find out what our current regulations are about loan boxes and the use of our services as guidance is updated. 


Under 150 pupils

£30.00 per year

150 - 250 pupils

£40.00 per year

250+ pupils

£50.00 per year