Reception, KS1 & KS2 Sessions

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Toys from the Past

This session look at different toys from the past; how they worked, what they were made of and how toys have changed over time.

Seaside Holidays in the Past

These sessions look at how seaside holidays are different from the past, from how holiday makers got to the seaside, to what they did once there were there. All sessions involve an object based talk exploring these themes.

Clothing through Time

This interactive session sets out to help children understand chronology through clothing.

The Mini Dig

It is a very popular session that helps your pupils to think like an archaeologist.

The Big Dig

Like most things, an archaeologist’s job is best understood by doing it.

Prehistoric Workshop

This prehistoric workshop gives your class a change to look at the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age time periods

Stone Age

This session looks at life in the Stone Age and how it changed during this period.

Bronze & Iron Age

This session looks at how life changed during the Bronze and Iron Age periods from weapons to homes.

Iron Age Hill Fort at St Ann's Hill

These sessions involve a walk around St Ann's Hill, which was the site of an Iron Age Hill Fort.

The Ancient Greeks

Our sessions are based on everyday life in Ancient Greece, involving an object based talk using replica Greek items to help us explore Ancient Greek life

The Romans

A Roman session from the museum gives your pupils a chance to handle Roman archaeology, and also replica items.

The Anglo-Saxons

Our sessions are based on everyday life in Anglo-Saxon times and involve an object-based talk using original and replica items.


These sessions are based on Chertsey Abbey which was founded by a Saxon in 666AD, and was attacked by the Vikings in 871AD.

The Tudors

These sessions concentrate on everyday life of the Tudors, looking at the differences between rich and poor people.


All sessions involve an object based talk using replicas and original items to explore the everyday life of the Victorians.

Homes in the Past (Victorian)

This session gives pupils the chance to look at different objects from the home, from cooking, lighting and heating in the Victorian period and then a chance to handle them.

The First World War

This session looks at the kit bag of a soldier in the trenches.

The Second World War

These sessions concentrate on the home front, looking at ARP Wardens, evacuation, blackout, rationing and air raids.

Emily Davison

This session gives pupils the chance to look at the life of suffragette Emily Davison, a resident of the Borough of Runnymede.

Museum Detectives

A new session aimed at KS2 that gives an opportunity to find out how we use science in a museum.

Booking Sessions

Initial Enquiry

Please complete the enquiry form as the initial stage of booking a session at school or at the museum. If you would rather discuss your requirements with the Education Officer, or would like to join our schools membership scheme, please telephone on 01932 565764, or email  [email protected]

Sessions at the Museum

Please note that for sessions at the museum we recommend that you visit before bringing your group so that you can familiarlise yourself with the facilities, although a risk assessment is sent with all booking conformations. Lunch is eaten in the education room, or in the museum garden if the weather permits. The museum has 2 unisex public toilets, one of which is adapted for wheelchair use and the museum has flat access throughout. Your group can use the museum shop, or if you prefer, pre-arranged "goody bags" can be ordered, details of which will be sent with your booking confirmation.

Sessions at School

Our session deliverer will aim to arrive at school at least 15 minutes before the start of the session. Some of the sessions we offer involve the transportation of a large number of artefacts and props so if a parking space near to the venue can be reserved that would be extremely helpful. Please notify us if there is not flat access to the classroom where the session is to take place.