Reception, KS1 & KS2 Sessions

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Toys from the Past

Explore toys from the past with range of real and replica toys from 120-60 years ago

Seaside Holidays in the Past

Let’s go to the seaside and have some fun!


What can archaeology can teach us about the past? Have a go at excavating in the classroom and work out what objects from the past can tell us.

Prehistory - Stone, Bronze & Iron Ages

Handle real artefacts from prehistory and fi nd out how people overcame their everyday problems with ingenious solutions.

Ancient Greeks

How do we find out about Ancient Greece?


Our workshop focuses on the evidence for lives in Roman Britain with children handling real and replica items.


Explore the lives of the Anglo-Saxons to bring this time period to life in the classroom.


Chertsey had its own history of Viking attacks and the museum holds a real 10th century Viking sword found nearby in Thorpe.


Compare the lives of rich and poor Tudors, with archaeological evidence as well as replica items to understand daily life.

Victorians - Homes in the Past

What was it like to live as a Victorian? Handle real objects and have a go at some of the tasks Victorians had to do.

The First World War

Look through a soldier’s kit bag to understand the conditions of the trenches. Discover how items and inventions of the First World War linked back to the history of Runnymede.

The Second World War

Our Second World War workshop focuses on life on the home front, looking at ARP wardens, rationing, blackout and air raids.

Fashion & Clothing through Time

Clothing tells the story of who we are as a society, documenting changes in technology, fashion, social rules and in the wider world.

Assemblies, Local History & Other Topics

We have a selection of different topics we can deliver short workshops or assemblies on.

Booking Workshops

Initial Enquiry

Please complete the enquiry form as the initial stage of booking a workshop at school or at the museum. If you would rather discuss your requirements with the Education Officer, or would like to join our schools membership scheme, please telephone on 01932 565764, or email  [email protected]

Workshops at the Museum

Please note that for workshops at the museum we recommend that you visit before bringing your group so that you can familiarlise yourself with the facilities, although a risk assessment is sent with all booking conformations. Lunch is eaten in the education room, or in the museum garden if the weather permits. The museum has 2 unisex public toilets, one of which is adapted for wheelchair use and the museum has flat access throughout. Your group can use the museum shop, or if you prefer, pre-arranged "goody bags" can be ordered, details of which will be sent with your booking confirmation.

Workshops at School

Our workshops deliverer will aim to arrive at school at least 30 minutes before the start of the session at set up in advance. Some of the workshops we offer involve the transportation of a large number of artefacts and props so if a parking space near to the venue can be reserved that would be extremely helpful. Please notify us if there is not flat access to the classroom where the session is to take place.