The Roaring Twenties: Fashions of the Jazz Age

Until Saturday 4th September 2021

"Goddess" evening gown by Paul Poiret, 1927

It is 100 years since this fascinating and ground-breaking decade began and Chertsey Museum are celebrating with a glittering display of 1920s fashions. Dazzling evening dress, wedding clothes, underwear, sportswear and accessories are on show; all carefully selected from the Olive Matthews Collection of dress. We have recently added some significant items to our 1920s collections, and these are displayed for the first time. They include a stunning Paul Poiret ‘Goddess’ gown and a beaded tunic from the height of the ‘Egyptomania’ craze.

Virtual exhibition

This exhibition is now available as an immersive 360 degree virtual tour. Experience what it is like to be in the gallery itself and click on the hotspots to find out more.

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