Online Sessions

While we are now visiting schools once more, we are continuing to offer online live lessons showing objects, discussing ideas from the past and opportunity for Q&A. Lessons are live with our education officer who is happy to answer questions on the topic at hand as well as wider discussions about archaeology and history. Depending on the topic, we can also take you on a short tour of the museum to show some of the objects on display here.

For KS1 groups, our Toys in the Past sesion for example includes actions, singing and a fun game to end with. 

Sessions are £30 for a 45 minute time slot and can be arranged to suit your timetable.

Topics include a huge range of history from Prehistory & archaeology to Toys in the past & World War Two. The full range of topics can be viewed here. If you have a particular topic not listed here, we will try our best to create something bespoke for you. Perhaps on 1930s, fashion, or a particular part of local history.

Sessions are avaible for children either in the classroom (key worker groups ect) or for those home schooling. 

We are happy to follow up after the session ends with any questions or information we might not have had time for. 


To book please email [email protected] It is helpful if you can include the following information with your enquiry. 

• Which online platform you use
• Dates and times for main session(s) 
• Date and time for practice login (it is best to do a 2-mintue check the day before or so to make sure logins work)
• What are your usual live-teaching rules e.g. are the class allowed to use the chat function? Do you normally have a short break? Or any other normal rules for you. 
• Please make our education officer a co-host when the session starts so that they can share their screen when needed.